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Craft beer Copy


The hop plant is a climbing vine and when cultivated it is often trellised or grown up strings and poles …we are growing named cultivars of the species Humulus Lupulus. They have antioxidant, antiseptic and
antibacterial properties. Beer’s flavors and aromas require the un-pollinated female flowers. The hops act as the bitter counterpoints balancing the sweetness from the malt, giving the beer its aroma and flavor.
The project of the first Portofinese craft beer was born from a simple bet; no one had ever cultivated Hops on the hillsides above Portofino, and no one had ever produced a craft beer on the promontory.
It all began with the search for suitable hop varieties, followed by the first cultivation trials and selection of those most suited for the area. At the end of a full growing cycle we were delighted to see the hops excelling all of our expectations. Delivered to a small craft brewery these hops flavored the very first beer from Portofino.
Our hop plantation has started with approximately fifty plants, which generated almost 10 kg of hops, allowing us to produce 4,500 bottles of craft beer in our first year. Seen the success the hop yard will now expand to 350 plants versus the original 50!