The Mill - laportofinese
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The Mill

The Gassetta Mill

The Gassetta mill is an historic mill that has been brought back to life as a restaurant, a resting spot, a small museum, and a source of information, all within the preserved area of the Park of Porto no. Today this charming restaurant adheres to the philosophy of “simple and local” in it’s cuisine, allowing visitors to taste typical and tasty traditional Ligurian recipes, prepared with seasonal local products right from our garden.

Here you will be able to explore the traditional recipes that have been handed down over the years. Due to the collaboration between the Gassetta Mill and “La Portofinese,” visitors will now be able to experience the Park of Porto no in a whole new way: partaking in dedicated workshops and tasting local products from our region, such as La Portofinese’s local honey and craft beer.