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Our hop plantation has started with approximately fifty plants, which generated almost 10 kg of hops, allowing us to produce 4,500 bottles of craft beer in our first year.


We started our honey journey with just 4 beehives located within the Prato locality and overlooking the Bay of the English. In their first year the hives produced around 40 kg of wildflower and chestnut honey.

Our plan now is to expand up to 20 hives and to offer several different types of honey, coming in particular from the “Erica” and the “Corbezzolo” plants, two typical plants of this area.


Portofino’s charming hillside immersed in the depths of the Ligurian Sea: these will be the guidelines for the wine project we have started with Walter De Batte, a wine specialist and Georgofili academic. The vineyard will be mostly composed by Vermentino and Bosco implanted near the old existing vineyards in the Prato locality overlooking the Bay of the English.

Products are available at Gassetta’s Mill and Al Faro di Portofino.