La Portofinese - Società Agricola Portofino - Portofino, Liguria
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The main objective of the project is to redevelop abandoned areas of the Park of Portofino, paying particular attention to sustainability and the wellbeing of the environment.


Excellence is the result of the alchemy between nature, culture and territory. This extraordinary piece of land between the sea and the mountains allows for the creation of extraordinary products.


The revival of Portofino’s traditional agricultural practices methods ensures the excellence of the “Made-In-Italy” brand.


“La Portofinese” is born as a local project, from the local territory. It produces a range of local products derived exclusively from crops grown and gathered on the Portofino promontory.


The strength of this project comes from it’s revolving around the cultivation of the soil and the recovery of abandoned lands with particular attention to innovative ideas …building a sustainable and ecologically sound project.


Our idea is simple: recover abandoned lands, resume cultivation techniques from the past and restore agriculture and animals into a territory that for centuries has lived from the treasures of it’s lands as well as the Mediterranean sea.



Located on the hillside above Portofino, the Mulino del Gassetta as a historic location has proven a real gem, worthy of the generations of industry it represents. An original member of the historical “Camino Dei Mulini”, this hillside mill has been transformed and preserved as a unique “km zero” restaurant specializing in the local cuisine.
For those with a passion for the sea, The Bar Al Faro is a must see. Much more than a cocktail bar with a spectacular view, the faro has become a veritable beacon of attraction for locals, visitors and international VIPs alike. Located inside Portofino’s very own lighthouse the setting is ideal for unforgettable Italian aperitivos and light faire.


“La Portofinese” was born about six years ago. A group of locals from Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino, founded Niasca snc and began this grand adventure with the management of the historic hillside mill known as the “Mulino del Gassetta,” located within the Park of Portofino.


In all our products you will encounter the rich and captivating taste of the Portofino Promontory. Our mission being to ensure the highest quality of local and sustainable products while exploring the diversity of flavors from the region and remaining loyal to our territory and traditions.

Our beer

The project resulting in the first Portofinese craft beer was born from a simple bet; no one had ever cultivated hops on the hillsides above Portofino, and no one had ever produced a craft beer on the promontory.

Our honey

The production of honey, propolis and pollen from the Portofino Promontory is born from the bee forest located in the Prato area, over the Bay of the English.
The honey of “La Portofinese” is gathered from beehives arranged similarly to those historically tended by Benedictine monks.