La Portofinese - Società Agricola Portofino - Portofino, Liguria
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Over the centuries, the territory of Portofino has not lived only of the sea. There were other scenarios of life and work on the land and hillsides. Today the ambition of our project is to redevelop abandoned areas of the Portofino Park, paying particular attention to sustainability and the wellbeing of the environment.


A fortunate alchemy between nature and cultural tradition leads to excellence.
This extraordinary territory, squeezed between sea and mountain, repays the commitment of care and planning with the unique and precious quality of its every single fruit.


We strive every day to promote our most authentic and significant traditions, revisiting the potential and consistency of ancient processes, which always contribute to guaranteeing the highest-quality standard of our products.
The return to Portofino’s traditional agricultural practices and methods ensures the excellence of the “Made-In-Italy” brand.


Only through a perspective of sustainable resource management, can our commitment be achieved. The attention to this fundamental aspect is therefore a priority that underlies our progress every day, orienting choices, strategies and ultimate actions.


Portofino is a place of absolute beauty. Yet behind the famous square, other more hidden beauties have something incredible to reveal.

The fundamental element of our project is an idea of preservation and implementation of ancient traditions.

The initial goal – still central to our work – is to re-introduce the cultivation practices of the past while enhancing agricultural techniques, recovering ancient vineyards and olive groves and taking care of all the production processes.


La Portofinese and I Coppelli’s locations are distributed throughout the promontory of Portofino between “sea and hillside”.

On the hillside of Portofino we have:

La Portofinese Eco-Farm is a renewable and self-sustainable farm nestled within Portofino’s Natural Park. The farm provides a home to our bees’ garden, the eroici (heroic) vineyards, a butterfly garden…and much more! We love to call it a park within the park and also famous as a piece of heaven.

I Coppelli’s Osteria
A small educational farm with chickens and bunnies, a short staircase, an ancient drying room for chestnuts, surrounded by nature and renovated with a refined taste: from 2021 it hosts the Coppelli’s Osteria, a realm of tailor-made lunches and dinners both indoors and outdoors, following the “one table only” recipe.

The Gassetta Mill and our Hop Yard
The Gassetta mill is an historic mill from 1700, surrounded by a generous hop yard from which we produce two types of craft beers: Golden Ale & Amber Ale. In the Mill restaurant you may enjoy genuine products from our land.

By the seaside of Portofino, near the famous Piazzetta, we have:

Ü Caban
A wine bar and a shop for local products in a former whisky bar on the first floor of a typical village home overlooking the sea.

I Coppelli’s Cellar&Grotto
They are easily reachable from the Portofino’s main parking lot. Here is where our wine production process officially ends having started in our eco farm vineyards Farm and resulting in the bottles of wine in our cellar.

The Portofino’s Lighthouse
Portofino’s Lighthouse, the farthest point of the territory. It is here you will find the ideal setting for unforgettable Italian aperitivos and delicious light faire. More than a cocktail bar with a spectacular view, the Faro has become a veritable beacon of attraction for locals, visitors and international VIPs alike. The perfect location for private events and celebrations.


Imagine yourself in unique places, immersed in activities you love. We organize only bespoke experiences, specifically crafted to meet your needs, expectations and preferences.


In all of our products you will encounter the rich and captivating taste of the Portofino Promontory. Our mission is to ensure the highest quality of local and sustainable products, while exploring the beautiful diversity of flavours from our region and and rooted in our territory and traditions.


The idea of creating a new brand – Portofinesegreen – was born from the need to create a dedicated space for research and planning of renewable resources available in Portofino.
In this section we want to share with you our green projects, those in existence and the on-going ones