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11 June 2019 –  Back to Portofino – PORTOFINO (GENOA), JUNE 2019 – TU STYLE, Article by Cristiana Gattoni – Photo credit: Tyson Sadlo per Belmond Splendido

Craft beer, Spritz e abbeys

<< We want to promote our territory. There is so much more besides the Piazzetta, the boutiques, the worldliness>>.

To speak is Alberto Garibaldi, one of the four partners (all Ligurian) who started, about six years ago, the new project “La Portofinese”: an agricultural society and, above all, a new place to go for those who want to discover a new side of the region.

We are, to be precise, inside the Park of Portofino, a natural oasis that develops on the hills surrounding the town: the road to get there is closed to cars, you can reach it by foot (if you have good legs) or the organization can provide a motorized transfer.

The initial stop is at Mulino del Gassetta, a small restaurant-laboratory where there is an organic vegetable garden and small orchad, and where you can taste rustic and exquisite dishes such as garden vegetable pies, pansoti in sauce and Ligurian rabbit (dishes starting from € 12).

Here, in the company of Mrs. Gina, it’s also possible to partecipate in a mortar pesto workshop, or to taste La Portofinese’s honey or their craft beers, produced with hops grown on the Portofino’s hills thanks to the recovery of abandoned lands (laportofinese.it).

And after the full immersion in the flavors, all that remains is to walk among the park paths to breathe that incomparable Ligurian bouquet made of sea and aromatic herbs: you can return to the center passing through the Castello Brown, or go towards the abbey of Cervara, between Santa Margherita and Portofino, or reach the splendid bay of San Fruttuoso di Capodimonte, where there is the homonymous Benedictine abbey (reachable also by boat, parcoportofino.it).

The final stage, almost obligatory, is the Portofino Lighthouse to enjoy a spritz with limoncello (local lemons, of course) in the scenic terrace overlooking the sea.