Activities - laportofinese
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The experience includes mountain hikes, apiary tour and visit of our honey lab. Also, visits through our Hops’ plantation, vineyards & olive trees all in the beautiful Park of Portofino, an appreciative tasting experience of local products including our local craft beer and a sampling of our honey.


Portofino’s park if the perfect rustic and charming setting for revitalizing your body and soul.

Our experiences include summer activities at the Mulino and private exclusive experiences at our Prato Wellness Farm.


At La Portofinese you will have the opportunity to learn the original recipe of the Genoese pesto.
Guided by our chef, the participants will have a mortar, a pestle and the seven basic ingredients available for the preparation of this delicious seasoning,starting with the basil!


With our Cooking class you will learn some typical recipes of the Ligurian cuisine such as pansoti with walnut sauce, vegetable pies, local sweets and many other dishes. Do not miss the chance to take home some of the Genoese culinary tradition and show your friends what you have learned in Portofino!



Our friends with long ears will be faithful and fun travel partners on many activities in the mountains of Portofino, from guided tours on the different paths within the Park and in our picnic areas. Walks, excursions, theme days and longer trips of several days with overnight camping in tents near the Gassetta Mill. Together with Viola, Massimo, Rame, Gisella, Romina, Gradisca, Mafalda and all the other donkeys of the group, you will experience a world of emotions derived from nature. You will also have the possibility of celebrating your birthday or other special events with the donkeys.

You will be welcome!


These small fascinating insects are important for human survival, ensuring a perfect and mysterious equilibrium that allows plants, shrubs and trees to flower and fruit …so that the world may eat a variety of food while also providing us with the valuable and tasty results of their own labors: honey.
Join us and discover such mysteries with a specialized team that will teach you the various processes leading up to the wild sweet honey you will taste at the table. In collaboration with the Park of Portofino, we plan to build a flight chamber at the honey extraction laboratory, giving you the chance to experience the thrill of seeing the bee’s work… up close.