I Coppelli’s Cellar and Grotto - laportofinese
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I Coppelli’s Cellar and Grotto


Our wine journey starts on the hillside – at our Eco-Farm – continues at the small museum on the history of local wine, and ends by Portofino’s seaside, at the I Coppelli’s cellar.

Inside the cellar there’s small gentle waterfall providing a relaxing sound, together with the play of light and shadow that spread all around us, creating a tranquil atmosphere that enhances our senses during the tasting.


The journey to discover our vineyards in Portofino starts within a rare gallery, now home to our ecological wine cellar, while also being a study laboratory and data collection point for a renewable energy project. The opportunity to use existing sites, war shelters and tunnels dug in the 60s allows for the creation of the self-sufficient wine cellar for our local Portofino wine.

Water-to-water heat pumps are located in the Grotto; these produce chilled water used for cooling the cellar and for the winemaking/preservation processes of the product itself. The operation of the heat pumps exploits the water naturally draining from the grotto.