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Mulino del Gassetta


The Gassetta mill is an historic mill that has been brought back to life as a restaurant, a resting spot, a small museum, and a source of information, all within the preserved area of the Park of Portofino. Today this charming restaurant adheres to the philosophy of “simple and local” in it’s cuisine, allowing visitors to taste typical and tasty traditional Ligurian recipes, prepared with seasonal local products right from our garden. Here you will be able to explore the traditional recipes that have been handed down over the years. Due to the collaboration between the Gassetta Mill and “La Portofinese,” visitors will now be able to experience the Park of Porto no in a whole new way: partaking in dedicated workshops and tasting local products from our region, such as La Portofinese’s local honey and craft beer.

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Santa Margherita Ligure:
Arriving to Nozarego by car or with the 77 bus, continue walking towards the paths to Gave and Mulino.
(Follow the signs “+”)
* The departure is a well marked cobbled climb that is located near the bus stop after the church. After the initial climb, the trail advances on the plains overlooking the Gulf and, in particular, Punta Pedale and the Cervara Abbey, until reaching the Gave, a crossroads of paths characterized by a small chapel dedicated to Saint Jerome. From here continue to the right following the “+” signs towards Olmi. After Sant’Anna, a small village near the Acqua Morta stream, where there is a tap of drinking water on the underpass, the cobblestones line up; climb up and after the last flat stretch, you’ll arrive to the Gassetta.
Difficulty level: medium


Arriving by car or with the 82 bus stop at Paraggi, proceed towards the parking lot. At the furthest left of the restaurant (now closed), begins the path towards the Valley of the Mills; the hike consists of a steep walk, but very fascinating and special one, well marked with signs displaying the history of the mills, until finally reaching the Gassetta Mill.
* Along the way, in fact, you can see what remains of the 35 mills that once were operating in this area; a series of descriptive panels illustrate the various functions. The path, consisting mainly of stone steps, continues into a valley where you will find a small stream running along the first part of the trail. Near some mills, now transformed into houses, and through the thick vegetation you can glimpse a slice of the sea. After a last ramp, under the chestnut trees, you’ll arrive at the Gassetta Mill.
Difficulty level: medium


Paraggi Vetta:
Arriving to Portofino Vetta by car, continue walking towards the paths leading to Pietre Strette, Bocche, Crocetta, the deviation for the mill. Very varied walk through natural environments.
* The path, mostly flat with some slightly sloping sections, starts behind the hotel and passes under the Rai antenna, that reaches 420 meters s.l.m. After 5 minutes you’ll arrive at Gaixella, a small area, a crossroads of numerous paths equipped with benches, wooden tables and a tap for drinking water. Take the path (square signposts) that, in short and without difficulty, arrives at Pietre Strette, the fulcrum and crossroads of the entire Monte di Portofino. Here you continue straight ahead (always following the square signpost), up to the crossroads of the Olmi, where there is the junction signaled to the left for the Gassetta.
Difficulty level: low 


Booking and Info The Gassetta Mill: 0185 269224 – 339 8421132
Portofino Lighthouse’s info, Events, Eco-Farm and Guided tours: 320 3087036

From 04/11/19 to 26/12/19 open weekends only

From 27/12/19 to 05/01/20 every day

From 06/01/20 to 14/02/20 closed

The Mill will be closed in case of bad weather
Dinner up reservations only

Booking and Info: +39 339842113 or email: