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The focus on the conscious use of resources is so important to us, that we have decided to create a new brand: Portofinesegreen.

Our company’s commitment to clean and renewable energy is a priority.

Our locations, being uncontaminated and full of natural resources have taught us environmental respect, motivating ourselves in further research and implementation of green energy production. We work hard every day to preserve and improve every aspect of the delicate beauty that characterizes this territory.

With experience gained over time – La Portofinese’s family has been in Portofino for over six generations – today we are committed to protect and enhance our environment through the use of renewable energies, thus in the near future each of our projects can be 100% self-sufficient.

A seguire alcuni progetti della portofinesegreen

Mini wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels at the Eco-Farm

The Eco-farm is 100% self-sufficient thanks to two mini turbines and solar panels, which are powered by two sources of energy abundant in our territory: the wind and the sun.

Water-water heated pump at I Coppelli’s Grotto for the Cellar

Hydroelectric micro turbine at I Coppelli’s Grotto

Hydroelectric micro turbine at The Gassetta Mill

Here the original passage (that once brought water from the springs to the Mill) has been intercepted: a diversion socket was inserted to the technical room, and we’ve then installed the turbine.

The force of the water activates the turbine and produces energy, allowing for the irrigation of the Hop Yard and the gardens of the historic mill, all done with respect for the environment.

The hydroelectric power system, characterized by a low environmental impact, is the symbol of a strong connection between the past and the future: unique in the Tigullio area.

Bees & telematic Hive

The Eco-Farm is home of our bees. More than 20 bees’ families live here, and thanks to them we’re able to produce our own honey; such as the Millefiori (wildflower) and Castagno (chestnut) both unique in flavors.

What is a telematic hive?

Through a monitoring system with hygroscopic sensor, La Portofinese’s can electronically observe the trend of the apiary, detecting its internal temperature and counting the bees’ flights made during the day.

A true full immersion in the bees’ world, that also brings us closer to certain secrets and rituals that characterize the profession of the beekeeper.

The telematic hive is powered – and we proudly emphasize it – with green energy, that comes from our solar panels!