Honey bee's products - laportofinese
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Honey bee’s products


The bees’ work gives us many precious products, starting from the honey.

Depending on the pollination, we produce different types of honey: from the “Millefiori” (or wildflower) honey of the Portofino Park, to the most characteristic ones, such as “Erica” and “Corbezzolo”.

For the most curious, we enthusiastically suggest trying a bees’ day, guided by our beekeeper. Thanks to a honey tasting you’ll find out every secret about our honey’s different flavours.

Our beehives are located in the Eco-Farm (in Portofino’s Park, over the English bay). The honey of La Portofinese is gathered from beehives arranged similarly to those historically tended in this area.

Honey is not the only product made by bees, we also have the pollen (Portofino’s gold), as well the propolis, royal jelly and beeswax.

Here at La Portofinese’s Eco-Farm we can arrange different activities to discover and enjoy together the bees’ world. Would you like to learn how to do soaps or candles using the beeswax?