I Coppelli's olive oil - laportofinese
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I Coppelli’s olive oil


At I Coppelli’s Osteria we can observe the different stages of olive oil production: from tree to bottle.

The Portofino Park is the perfect place to grow olive trees. Our olive oil production is based on two different varieties of olives: Lavagnina and Pignola.

The Lavagnina olive is quite similar to the Taggiasca, from which it has likely derived. The olive trees are big and resistant.

Once ripe, this olive takes on a black/purple colour with a slightly firm, slightly oily pulp.

The Pignola olive’s tree is a smaller tree than the Lavagnina. The fruit appears rather small, rounded and black.

Our olive oil

The colour of our olive oil has golden yellow reflections with green shades. It is characterized by a pleasantly fruity perfume, which underlines its Ligurian origin, a slightly bitter aftertaste, balanced by just the right spiciness and some typical Ligurian sweetness.

At the mill we can organize a guided olive oil tasting together, along with many more activities!