I Coppelli's wine - laportofinese
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I Coppelli’s wine


Ü Portufin is a wine born and raised in Portofino, high above the English Bay in the very heart of the Mediterranean forest. The vines thriving amidst the native soils of the park that help create the unique flavour of this terroir which can best be enjoyed with myriad other products from our Gulf.


Thanks to its south east exposure (the vineyard enjoys a perfect solar exposure from early morning), its altitude of about 200 m above the sea level, and its location (it is literally facing the sea, nestled in the Mediterranean forest), these special factors allow for a wine that truly reflects the identity and characteristics of this territory.

Thanks to our vines we produce a pure Vermentino.

Through hard and passionate work on the terraced hills of our estate, we have revived this important cultivation, that today provides us with a limited quantity production of our precious Ü Portufin.

Straw-yellow in appearance, and with a note of aromatic herbs and citrus fruits that denote the strongness of the Mediterranean forest.

Although the history of this wine is only at the beginning, its path is designed to be in the wake of excellence and value.