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The project


Portofino is known as a famously picturesque fishing village in Italy, the scope of La Portofinese is to take you beyond the famous “piazzetta” and allow you to explore the charming hillsides, in an exclusive “insider’s experience” involving nature, wellbeing and the delicious local cuisine with tasting of local products.

The idea is simple: to recover abandoned lands, to resume traditional cultivation techniques and promote a return to agriculture and animal husbandry that for centuries have been part of our region. In terms of crops, we have recovered and returned to production many local vineyards and olive groves, that were largely abandoned over the last 30-40 years, but which are very important sources of a generational livelihood.


La Portofinese is a family-run business. Our goal is to accompany you on a journey to discover a more authentic side of Portofino.

Our experiences will also provide you with the opportunity to discover our products, in the fullness and rawness of their fragrances. So, the memory you will bring home will not only be a set of visions, but also the delicate and precious taste of the fruits from this special land.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about all we do!


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